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In Pursuit of Excellence

Our Vision

Antioch Christian Academy exists to offer a Christ-centered education that equips students to achieve academic and spiritual excellence while using their gifts and abilities to impact their world for Christ.

In Pursuit of Excellence

Our Mission

Antioch Christian Academy is an educational institution which strives to assist parents and churches in the task of training young people in reaching their fullest potential.

In Pursuit of Excellence

Core Values:

  • Truth- applying the Word of God in every interaction with situations and people
  • Integrity-showing an uncompromising adherence to Godly characteristics and principles
  • Academics-demonstrating a joyful resilience (or relentless pursuit of knowledge) throughout the learning journey
  • Leadership-influencing others by leading from a biblical perspective
  • Service-serving individuals, the community, and beyond by using each individual’s unique giftedness
  • Stewardship-accepting responsibility for personal, spiritual, mental, and physical health

In Pursuit of Excellence

Expected Student Outcomes:

Antioch Christian Academy realizes that not everyone learns in the same manner nor do all have the same ability.  It is with that mindset, ACA recognizes that each student is a work in progress and is continually growing. To that end, it is our desire to assist in furthering each student’s development to maximize their God-given abilities which can be seen in the following portrait of ideal ACA graduates.


  1. Have a growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  2. Know, understand, and apply Biblical truth with a desire to know and to do the will of God
  3. Possess a Biblical sense of right and wrong that influences their decision making
  4. Can articulate and defend their Biblical worldview
  5. Are actively involved in a local Bible teaching church and engaged in spiritual practices of prayer, Bible study, worship, and service.
  6. Are empowered by the Holy Spirit and display a life that pursues faith, goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, kindness, and love


  1. Are competent in reading, writing, listening, thinking, and speaking and can communicate effectively using these skills
  2. Are proficient in math, science, and problem solving through the use of critical and creative thinking.
  3. Utilize resources including technology to find, analyze, evaluate, and communicate information.
  4. Appreciate America’s Christian heritage of freedom and human dignity which leads to good citizenship while understanding and engaging in appropriate community and civic processes.
  5. Possess a historical knowledge and an understanding of people, events, and movements along with cultures of other peoples and places
  6. Appreciate literature and the arts and recognize how the beliefs and values from these disciplines affect and shape philosophies.

Socially and Physically

  1. Respect and show integrity to the people with whom they work, play, and live
  2. Practice the principles of moral family living according to Biblical values
  3. Are actively engaged in the church and their community, serving God and others
  4. Are good stewards of their finances, time and all other resources
  5. Understand that hard work has dignity as an expression of God
  6. Respect their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit and realize the importance of continuing lifelong physical fitness.

ACA desires to see our graduates leave Antioch Christian Academy with a vibrant, ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ, a Biblical worldview, and a desire to impact their world for Christ, while possessing all the academic skills and tools they need to succeed when entering college or the workplace.

Meet The Team

Meet Our Faculty

Robinlyn Mitchell

Head of School

Joseph Scull

Principal 7-12

Audrey McLean

Principal K-6

Donna Hester

Registrar/Sports AD/Financial

Tina Lane

Office Manager


5071 Old Whiteville Road
Lumberton, NC 28358

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